Reading Comprehension 3

Reading Comprehension
Reading Comprehension
55,000 raid on Duke of Kent’s home
The Duke and Duchess of Kent’s country home has been burgled by raiders who entered via a ground-floor window and made off with antiques and silver worth arround £ 55,000.
Police were alerted by alarms linked to Henley police station, Oxon. From Crocker End House in nearby Nettlebed, but the burglars had fled before officers arrived.
The Duke and Duchess were away at the time of the raid, at 5am on Monday.
But Nicholas Adamson, their private secretary, said a caretaker had been in staff quarters. „The police were there within two or three minutes”, he said.
„It was an excellent tresponse but the burglars had gone. It does not look as though they had targeted specific items.”
As well as the alarm system, the house and grounds are covered by security lights linked to sensors.
„Clearly, security will be looked at to see if it can be improved”, Mr Adamson said. „But I cannot see this meaning that the Duke and Duchess will want to leave the house; they are very fond of it.”

Try to answer these questions:
1.How did the thieves manage to break into the home of the Duke and Duchess of Kent?
2.How was the house protected against burglary?
3.What were the Duke and Duchess doing at the rime of the burglary?
4.What specific things did the thieves manage to steal?
5.How will the burglary affect the Duke and Duchess?

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